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News Date : 18 Mar 2020

Hari Om ! Swami Ramakrishnanada ji was in Ahmedabad from 12th to 17th March for a Gyana yagna on “Leadership & Management Thoughts from Ramayana”. The yagna was held at J.B.Auditorium - Ahmedabad Management Association. Everyday there was an audience of about 300 people, consisting of elders and youth who enjoyed thoroughly Swamiji’s unique and humours style of teaching. Swamiji’s thought provoking and lucid explanations of man
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News Date : 17 Mar 2020

‘Learn Sanskrit Joyfully’ workshop By Swami Ramakrishnananda ji The 5-day crash course ‘Learn Sanskrit Joyfully’ infused in all the participantsa love for the language of the Deva’s.Swamiji, comprehensively dealt with the subject in a manner that the entire group of 36 participants, comprising of children, youth, adults, senior citizens and even octogenarians, found sustained interest. On the first day participants were curious, app
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News Date : 25 Mar 2020

Hari Om! This Chaitra Navaratri all are invited chanting the Lord's name and pray for His KARUNA in this difficult time of CORONA...You can join from your homes!
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News Date : 07 Dec 2019

Hari Om! All are invited for Bhajan Classes conducted by Chinmaya Swaranjali, Ahmedabad starting from 12th January 2020. Click here to download registration form.
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News Date : 11 Nov 2019

Hari Om! Tulasi vivah Celebrations at ParamDham. The two day divine wedding celebration of Lord Shri Krishna and Shri Vrunda Devi at ParamDham was full of grandeur, devotion, and bliss. On 7th November, on the eve of the holy wedding, Chinmaya Swaranjali members organised a Sangeet Sandhya and sang various wedding songs for Lord Shri Krishna who was in the form of the divine groom and mother Tulasi as His bride. As a part of the Sange
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