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News Date : 07 Jun 2019

In the ever-divine presence of the Lord Shree Soumya Kashish and Mother Ganga, 80 campers from various parts of India - Ahmedabad, Baroda, Delhi, Dehradun, Hyderabad and Coimbatore soaked in the bliss and devotion at Tapovan Kuti Ashram, Uttarkashi for a week-long camp “Tapovan Mahima” organized by Chinmaya Mission Ahmedabad. From 26th May to 1st June 2019, the campers were absorbed in different activities and experienced the divine grace o
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News Date : 15 Apr 2019

હરિ ૐ!  કોયમ્બતુર ખાતે “ગુરુ મહિમા” આધ્યાત્મિક શિબિરનું  જ્યારે આયોજન થયું ત્યારથી બધા સાધકો શિબિરમાં જવા માટે ખૂબ આતુરતાથી  રાહ જોઇ રહ્યાં હતાં. પરમધામ થી ૪૫ થી ૮૮ વર્ષ ન
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News Date : 04 Mar 2019

ચિન્મય ઉત્સવ-(મે, ૧ થી ૮, ૨૦૧૯ ) પ્રસંગે પૂજ્ય ગુરુદેવના ચરણ- કમળોમાં એક અનુપમ ભેટ શું અર્પણ કરવાનું છે?:- "મારા ગુરુદેવ" શીર્ષક પર પૂ. ગુરુદેવ પ્રત્યે આપની ભાવના વ્યકત કરતું એ
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News Date : 02 Feb 2019

Chinmaya Yuva Kendra organised a Youth Meet -  'Exceeding Excellence' with Pujya Swami Swaroopananda - Global head of the Chinmaya Mission. The youth of Ahmedabad were fortunate to receive guidance from Swamiji. With an insightful talk and relatable examples, Swamiji charted out a clear way to Excellence in all spheres of life. More than a hundred youngsters were inspired by the motivating session to lead a life of not just success but also of
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News Date : 12 Jan 2019

Chinmaya Yuva Kendra Gujarat in association with Centre for Environment Education(CEE) recently organised a beachside youth camp, ‘Sea Within’, at Beyt Dwarka, an island town of Gujarat. The picturesque surroundings and the overwhelming sea provided time for  quiet reflection and learning. The Karma Yoga from Geeta was beautifully expounded by Swami Avyayananda ji of CM Ahmedabad. Campers experienced various fun filled dynamic activities s
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